Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sorry we've been So Busy

Okay- I know - It's been forever since I've posted new pictures! I'm sorry! Since I've last posted - we've been sick. had more visitors, had more ballgames and much more. The summer is coming to an end and we've been BUSY!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Hallquist came to visit. We had cake for Grandpa's birthday and had lots of fun. Grandma and Grandpa watched Emma on Friday and we grilled out that night. Then Saturday we had a few friend over to BBQ! Zach worked most of the weekend, but we saw him Sunday night at the Bats game. Emma even stayed for the fireworks and actually watched them all! It was too cute. She loved them! I don't think I had stayed for them with her before - or at least not outside to really watch them.

On Monday, Grandpa put up a few light fixtures and a ceiling fan in our kitchen - it's Great! Thanks Grandpa!

Other than that we've just been busy having fun. We're Soooo Excited that Daddy will be home a little more this weekend!!!

Emma got a new bath this weekend too - She LOVES it! It's almost hard to wash her because she has so much fun playing!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and hope everyone had a Great long weekend!

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