Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We have Lights!!!

Since Sunday at noon we've been in the Dark! Hurricane Ike hit us - minus the water. Louisville got hit for several hours with 75 mile per hour winds (gusts up to 81 mph). It was Crazy! Trees down, power lines everywhere - just crazy! But in true Hensley fashion - as everyone in the city was at Lowes buying flashlights and batteries - we bought a new faucet. Our lights finally came back on this morning (Tuesday) at 7:30 AM - of course after Emma and I had already gotten ready in the dark...but they are on and that's all that matters! Now it's time to go home and clean the fride - I mean coolers out.

I do have pictures to post - that's actually what I was doing on Sunday when the lights went out. Hopefully this weekend I"ll get them posted. We've Been Busy!!! It's amazing how dependant we are on Power!!!

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