Friday, August 22, 2008

6 Months Old and Sick

We're 6 Months Old!!! Emma weights 13 lbs and 7 oz. What a little big girl huh!
Dr Knight says she's doing GREAT!

Emma is Sick - Right now she's sleeping and I'm trying to lower her 102 degree fever. Poor Baby Emma! Grandma Debi visited last weekend and on Friday/Saturday Emma had a runny nose. Sunday I woke up with a runny nose and sore throat. Monday Debi (who was back home), Zach and I were all SICK. We ALL ended up staying home which has Never happened before - I'm not sure Zach has Ever used a Sick Day! But by Wednesday we were all Much better. Emma actually never acted that sick - but then Yesterday (Thursday) I noticed her nose was still stuffy and when I got to daycare she had a 100 degree temperature. By the time I got her home and got her some Tylenol it was a 101. Last night we rocked and were pretty fussy but the Tylenol brought the temp down. This morning when I woke Emma at 7 she had a low temp that started to go up before I left. We gave her more meds - and it kept it down again. Then I got a call from Daycare at 2:30 saying at 2:15 her temp was 101 degrees and they had given her Tylenol. We had initially though it was her two top teeth that just barely started to appear yesterday - but as her temp rises today I'm sure that's not it. So now we're at home - Tylenol is no longer lowering the fever - but we're sleeping! Hopefully it will go down this evening or it's going to be a long night for everyone!
On a happier note - we had a great weekend with Grandma Debi - Here's some Pics from the weekend!

Emma with Cereal all over her Face!

Daddy, Emma and Grandma Debi at the Kentucky State Fair

Kentucky State Fair - the Cows really tuckered her out Grandpa Knute!!!

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