Thursday, August 7, 2008

We're Getting Big!

Emma has grown so much over the last few weeks! It seems like every day she's doing something new. She's sitting great on her own now - although I still keep a pillow behind her so she doesn't hit her head. She LOVES Friday! She watches her constantly and always tries to pet her as she walks by. I'm not sure if Friday is ready for a mobile Emma - but get ready because it's coming soon! So far, Friday is being very patient and allows her to pet her and grab her ears. She is also the 1st one to tell us if Emma has dirty pants!

We're in the middle of an 8 day homestand right now so we're missing Daddy again! Today we found out that on the last day of the homestand Zach has to go to Oklahoma City to help out with the Dave Matthews Band Concert there on Wednesday. He won't be back home until Thursday. And then Grandma Debi is back for a quick weekend before Zach begins another 8 game homestand again. It's been a Busy Month!!!

Emma spent 2 days last week with Lauren and Kyle. They babysat for her Wednesday and Thursday all day and then again on Friday night while I went to the Dave Matthews Band Concert - He and Willie Nelson we AMAZING!!!! I had a much needed adult night out. So the fact that I was at the concert alone was no big deal - I had a Great time! (It was at Slugger field so Zach was working - I did get to see him and other friends who were working!)

Last Friday, Emma went with me to get my hair cut. She was SOOO cute! She sat on my lap with her own cape on and watched and looked in the mirror the whole time. If I remember - I'll scan in the pictures when I get them. (another customer took some pics because she was so cute!)

That's for all now - I'll try to be better with posting!

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