Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lots Going On

Lately we've had a LOT going on! Zach's been super busy at the ballpark and on Monday he left for Oklahoma City to help out at the Dave Matthew's band Concert there. Emma and I are really missing him since we haven't had his full attention since before August 4th! He comes home on Thursday night and then Grandma Debi gets here on Friday for the weekend. After she leaves, baseball starts right back up again so we won't have Daddy home until the very end of August:-(

Emma's been to a few Bats games lately - here's a pic of her with
Louisville Grandma Barb at the Game!

Emma is fast learning new things - her favorite thing right now is playing ball! She loves playing with this new toy that stacks, goes together into balls and is all sorts of colors. It also has numbers on it so it's my favorite toy right now - So much to learn!!!

Here's more pics of Emma! She's just too cute! On Thursday Emma turns 6 Months old and we go for her check-up at Dr Joe's! More to come then!!!

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The Ward Family said...

LOVE the pics!!! She is too cute!!