Monday, June 23, 2008

TV Watching

Okay - Yes - I'm a bad mom...Not only do I not have new pictures to post - but my child watches TV all the time. Yes - 4 months old and we're Loving TV!
On Sunday night I took Emma down to Slugger to eat dinner with Daddy and before we left - Emma took a nap on his office floor (on blankets of course - I'm not that bad of a mom!). She woke up from her nap while we were eating and was happliy playing by herself. A few mintues later I noticed it was very quiet. I look over to see my child stretching her little neck so she can see the TV. The TV is Mounted to the wall/ceiling (and the ceiling is Tall). And she was even facing the opposite direction. My child can find a TV Anywhere!!! She's taking after her mother already!!!
I promise I'll post new pictures soon!

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