Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex and the City Girls!

Yes - Emma went to her 1st movie - Sex and the City! She and I went on a girls date with our friend Renee to see the movie. She did pretty good throughout - in fact the women in front of us got up after the movie and said - "We didn't even know there was a baby back there!" I was a little worried about what people would think about me brining her - but fortunately it was all Moms there to see the movie (we went in the afternoon) and when Daddy works all the time and you're with your usual babysitter - What can you do but take her with!!!

We had a great time - Movie was Excellent!

Here's some more photos from our trip home - We miss everyone!!
Emma's Baptism and her Godparents - Allison and Andrew Newman and Randy Hensley (Sharron too!)
Val, Emma and Zach with Emma's Cake!

Emma playing with Grandpa Knute - she was really giggling!

All Smiles - Playing with Grandpa Knute in the early morning!

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