Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day and 4 Months Old!

We had a Great Father's Day! On Saturday, Emma and I took Zach out for Pancake breakfast at Applebees - a church fundraiser for Lauren and Kyle. We ate and had a great time. Later that day, Renee came over and watched Emma while Zach and I went to Cafe Lu Lu's for a light lunch and then to the spa for a couples massage. I think he was really suprised and enjoyed it! Then we had BBQ ribs for dinner and laid low for the rest of the night! Sunday morning we went to breakfast at Wild Eggs and Daddy opened his gift - a book called Papa's Day Suprise! (Berenstein Bears Book). We've just been hanging out at the house today and watching golf! Great weekend for Dad!

Emma was 4 Months old on Saturday. We're still small - but talks like a big girl. Her new thing is SCREAMING at her bear (among other things). She sounds unhappy - but when you look at her she's enjoying herself. Even daycare was suprised by this sound coming out of this little Emma! Even though we're 4 months - we're still in Newborn Clothes! All our newborn tops fit...the bottoms are small - but 3 Month bottoms fall off of her. So, I want to tell everyone who bought us bigger clothes -Thanks - but we may never fit them at this rate!!!

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