Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sick Emma!

No new pictures today - just an update! I finally took Emma to see Dr. Joe Monday after about a week and a half of a yucky nose. She was acting fine - but we just couldn't get rid of the stuffy nose. He thinks it's a sinus infection and gave her some medicine. She is acting happy as usual and can't wait for tomorrow night when Louisville Grandma Barb is going to watch her while Zach and I go out! Then on Saturday - Emma has a suprise for Daddy in the morning and I'm taking him for another suprise that afternoon. We're celebrating Father's Day early! Tell you more later so we don't ruin the suprise!!!

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Little Smiths said...

Interesting...babies don't HAVE sinuses until after 15 months. Poor Emma. Tell Zach happy Dad's Day!!