Friday, June 21, 2013

The Move Part 1 - Last Day in Louisville and Graduation!

Sorry for the delay in posts but moving is tough!  The next couple of posts will be of our move and our new house - hope you enjoy!
Our last day in Louisville we were dealing with moving trucks, final packing, cleaning and all that comes along with selling a house and rushing to get out of town...and a Pre-K Graduation of course!!!  Emma's graduation was at the park near our house.  The kids did a number of songs and poems, there were awards and then lunch.  The kids in her class have almost all been together since they were 1 so they were a very tight group of kids and Emma misses them so!  She expecially loved her teacher - Miss Saundra. 
Here's a few pics from the graduation!

Collin, Lala and Emma

Me and my Bestie Renee - What am I going to do without her...So far pretending she's down the street is working, but not sure how long I can keep that lie going in my own head!  lol

All the Girls!

Two Happy Couples!

This is a proud Dad if I've ever seen one!

Emma getting her award from Ms. Saundra!
It was a long day!  After graduation it was back to the house to wait for the rest of our things to be packed up and clean it so we could head out of town.  We didn't get out of town until after 4 PM (and we thought we'd be out by 1 PM).  We had an 8 hour drive ahead of us to Kansas City - but we made it work!
We miss all of our friends and we can't tell you how much we had to be thankful for in Louisville.  But we are especially thankful for a few people who helped us out on that last day...Naomi - thanks for sitting at our house with the handsome moving crew!  Did you get any dates?  (Ha!)  Kristie, Jennifer and all of the teachers at JUMCDC - Thank you for taking such GREAT care of our babies the past 5 years.  The kids miss going to daycare most of all!  And the car packs you gave them the last day made the trip home much more enjoyable!  Lala - thanks for watching the kids on that last afternoon at the house and also for wanting to be around us even though we're old!  You're such a good kid and turning out to be a pretty great adult even though I feel like you should still be a tween!  Dan - thanks for hauling so much stuff out of my house and most of all for taking the day off to be with Renee once we left town!  You're one of the good ones for sure! :)  And last but definately not least...Renee - There just aren't words!  Just Thank You and I Miss You! 

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