Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photos by Emma

Emma has been taking Lots of photos lately. She's actually really good most of the time. So I think we know what a certain jolly man should bring her for Christmas this year!
Check out some of her ART below...


"Yo Emma"
"Just A Boy"

"Shh...Daddy's Working"

Here's a few from the 15K that Zach ran last weekend - and BTW - He Did AWESOME!!! Ran over 9 miles in about an hour and 4 minutes!!! We went to cheer him on at the finish and here's a few shots from Emma's view...


(Look at how centered and focused this one is - cracks me up what she decides to take photos of...and no - we don't know any of those runners - just a random shot of the refreshments table!)

"Froot Loops"

She has a ton more - but I thought it was time I finally showcased some of her talent!

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