Friday, September 23, 2011

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice was at the Yum!Center last week so of course we had to go! Sometimes there really are good perks to having a husband who works a LOT!

To say that Emma liked it is a Complete Understatement! She LOVED it. And Chase really enjoyed it too! We had a suite so the kids had a little more freedom to play so that was nice too.

(I'm a bad mom - these are the only pics I have...oh well - anyone suprised! :) )

Look at the sheer excitement on her face - she was like that all night!

Nothing like making your staff watch and feed your kids when they're in your building!
Sorry Art and Keith!

Little man loving the show!

It was a magical night for Emma for sure and I know one she'll remember for a while. I love watching the kids make memories!!!

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