Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grandpa on Vacation = Projects Completed

Grandpa Knute and Grandma Denise were down to visit over the 4th of July - which meant that a few of my little (okay -HUGE) projects got completed at my house! While they were there we packed a lot of fun into a few days - but we also tackled 3 projects! Papa made the neighbors fence stand up straight again and we successfully installed tile on the other side (we had done one side of my yard years ago) of the yard so we wouldn't have a soggy area after a hard rain! And Grandma hemmed my bedroom curtains that have been held up with pins for oh - 2-3 years!

In the process of all this work - I only snapped two quick photos.


THANK YOU Grandma and Papa! You're the Best!!!

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