Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Card Time

So each year I try to get some good (I settle for just shots) shots of the kids and of us as a family for Christmas cards. Each year I'm getting to this later and later - but in case you didn't get a card (Sorry) - here's some of the photos from this years shoot!

And after the Christmas Card Shoot - we sent Chase over to wardrobe to change for another shoot!

When Chase was born, Grandma Debi brought down an outfit that used to be Zach's. It's been sitting in the closet and I kept meaning to put Chase in it and take a picture. I decided it was time since it was nearly too small!

So here it is - Blue polyester bellbottomish pants, polyester vest and a blue and white checkered shirt...Isn't he Cute! And Zach's dad said he went home and compared these pictures to one's of Zach when he was this age...they look JUST alike.

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