Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Trip with Mom

A few weeks ago I decided to sign up for a Marketing Conference for CPA's in St. Louis. Mom said she would meet me there and watch the kiddos while I worked. It sounded like a a good idea at the time...

All comfy in the car watching movies

Little man doing a little of his own relaxing on the trip - he's still rear facing so he coudn't see the movies - he didn't like that so much! (PS - Chase is really too big for this car seat but I'm struggling to find a convertable (rear and forward) car seat that I feel safe placing in my car rear facing...any suggestions anyone?)

Well, it was a good idea - but boy was it a lot of work for me and Grandma Denise! The kids and I drove to St. Louis on Wednesday. The drive went well and we didn't have to stop at all! But by the time we got to the hotel (Rennisance Grand in downtown St. Louis - beautiful but definately not convenient for having the kids with!), they kids were ready to run! We made it into the room before all the fun began...toilet paper went flying, showers were turned on, toilets were flushing, toys were everywhere and there was lots of bed jumping. Chase learned 2 things within 2 minutes of entering the room - he could turn on the shower and figured out how to flush the toilet. He did this for 3 Days! Grandma spent Thursday and Friday with the kids in the hotel while I worked and then we spent another night swimming and playing together before heading home early Saturday morning. The only real low point of the trip was when Emma got sick in the car about 14 miles outside of Louisville. After it was all over - I think we all had a great time - but I'm Tired! And I know Grandma Denise was Exhausted too!
Thank you Grandma Denise for coming to play with us - We miss you!!!

(Of course she has another sucker...why wouldn't she!)


Little Smiths said...

OMG I hope you weren't driving when you took that picture of Emma. If you were be glad she's alive....Her straps need to be AT OR ABOVE her shoulder height. And the straps need to be tight enough that she can't slip her arms out...
Chase isn't actually too big for that seat at all, (they're too big when their head is less than an inch from the top, not when their feet hang over- that's a myth) but if you want a safe seat get first years true fit or britax marathon.

Clare said...

Looks like a fun trip! My kids are terrible in the car, we dread a 20 minute trip across town.

We have two different kinds of covertable seats, my favorite is our Truefit, we used to have Fiona in it but my car is so old it doesn't have the top anchor so I can't use it foward facing. Anyway, so James rides in it in my car now. It's a great seat that is super easy to install. We also have a Recaro Signo for Fiona in JR's car, really like that seat too, but it's more expensive than the Trufit.
Hope that helps!