Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Night Out for Mommy

A few weeks ago Zach treated me with a night out while he was working - that's how everyone goes on date night right??? So anyway, I needed a date so who better than my best friend's husband, Dan - and oh - we took Renee too! So we headed to the new arena to see Dane Cook. It was a great night and Zach even got to sit with us for the show and enjoy a little time with his wonderful wife. So anyway - enjoy some pics - it was a great show! I highly recommend seeing him. I'd tell you my favorite joke - but it's way too dirty for this blog!
Just happy to see each other - even if it is at his work!

Emma in her Dora jams with her "backpack" on before I left for the night!

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Clare said...

Fiona makes her purses into backpacks also, and she loads them up with all kinds of stuff. We find bags all over the house full of everything, Little People, sippy cups, puzzle pieces....