Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Halloween!

My Little Pirate Princess
Daddy's Little Pumpkin
Lookin Good Dad!
The Cutest Pumpkin - but I guess I'm a little partial!

Well, I've been a little behind in my posting lately - but I've finally found some time. Halloween was Amazing this year. The kids and I did the Boo at the Zoo with my good friends Renee and Dan and their kids. Emma and Collin had a great time together. Then a week or so later all of us went up and trick-or-treated in Jeffersontown. Renee, Dan and Collin and our neighbors, Dawn and Meagan and baby Patrick joined us. We had a GREAT time and the kids really got the hang of it! Then on Halloween - we took the kids around the neighborhood. Plus the kids had Halloween parties at school. So 4 days of getting ALL the candy and sugar you can imagine! They were CRAZY! But it was so much to have 2 little ones walking with us and seeing how happy they were to just have fun and be carefree.

Emma: "Is my tongue red mom?"
Me: "Yes Emma - now No More Suckers - that's your 3rd one!"
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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