Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kentucky Derby 2010

Right before the Biggest 2 minutes in sport!

Emma in Derby Fashion!

As they rounded the 1st turn - go baby go!!!

That is the horse that should have won - Darn it!!!

Me and Brad

The big Derby horse parade - it was so muddy! If you look close you can see many barefoot women in that parade - squishy!

The boys!

Naomi, Zach and Brad

Brad and Naomi

Me and Zach

That's Right - It's our Favorite time of year once again - the Kentucky Derby is Here!!!

We had a GREAT time (as usual) at the Derby this year. The weather was RAIN, RAIN AND RAIN! But in true Derby fashion - it quit and the sun came out for the race. It has NEVER rained on the Derby race itself!

Brad has been down from KC helping Zach with the arena so he got to go with Zach to Oaks on Friday and then to Derby with us on Saturday. We had a great time and ate, drank and gambled all day. I did not cash a single ticket all day :-( The boys each won a little - but nothing to write about!

While we were at Derby, Jessica (our favorite sitter who also works at our daycare) watched the kids. They went to her aunt's Derby party and played with all the kids in her family. Emma apparently inheritied my luck - her Derby horse, Backtalk, came in dead last. Poor girl!


Vincent Family said...

So jealous of your fun day without the kiddos! And for the record, Val you are looking super HOT!! Love the dress and hat! One hot momma!

The Ward Family said...

LOVE these pics - I want to come someday and dress up with you :) I'm having issues with our blog...it's got all this text and I can't figure out how to write anything when I'm trying to post?!?!?