Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trip to Iowa

After our Kansas City visit, Zach flew home and Emma and I drove to Iowa to spend some time with my family. While we were there we had lots of time to play outside, plant beans with Grandpa, work in the garden with Grandma and have lots of fun getting into all Grandma's stuff!

Aunt Al and Uncle Drew came to play and so did Aunt Carrie and Josh. Emma had a Great time with the boys and loved playing in Josh's water and ice cups! We even got to go to Aubrey's wedding and Emma had a Ball dancing with the other kids!

Emma got to put her footprints in concrete which Grandpa Knute poured for a new grain bin. Now Grandpa's got to plan for 2 more bins in the next year with the 2 little ones on the way this year! Better get to work Grandpa! Hehe...

Planting with Grandpa!

Playing on the deck with Grandpa

This is the site of the new pond...uh..lake...better known as Grandpa's latest project! We can't wait to see water! Hopefully in the next few years you'll be seeing pictures of our family fishing, camping and paddling around on a lake in this very spot and then this picture will make more sense! But now - it's a field...Again - Get to work Grandpa!!! Boy is he going to be busy this year!

Emma, Aunt Al and I drove the long drive back to Louisville on Sunday. Emma was Wonderful! She slept a ton (because Grandpa kept her up late the night before we left playing!). And when she wasn't sleeping she watched a few movies and had fun dancing to the music. We turned her carseat around for the trip home and she Loved being able to see us. I've still got her rear facing in my car because she's still not even reached 20 lbs yet! Someday soon we'll probably get a new carseat and turn around in mine too - but no rush! We're growing up too quick these days!

More pictures to come of Al's visit and Emma's new pool!!!


Donnalynn said...

Is Grandpa Knute going to invite "Camp Master" Grandpa Randy to come up and try his lake in a few years?

Vincent Family said...

I love, love, love her cute little footprint in the concerte!