Monday, June 29, 2009

A few more 1st's...

So in the past weeks we've had a few more 1st's.

Cheesy Grin at the Drive-In

Emma had her 1st night at the drive in last Thursday night. It was a beautiful night and Zach had taken the day off so we spent the day swimming with Jack and Peter and then headed to the drive-in. Unfortunately the closest one is in Indiana - but it's only about 40 minutes away. So we left right about bedtime for Emma - hoping she would actually fall asleep on the car ride and snooze through the movie...No Such Luck!!! She was too excited to be going somewhere I guess. But she was really good the whole night. She fought sleep and stayed awake for all of the new Transformers movie. We left around 12:30 am after the movie (too late to stay for the 2nd movie) and Emma instantly fell asleep on the ride home.

Nice spot for a tree right?

Another 1st in the last few weeks - we had a tree fall on our house...well, it was really a little more than 1/2 a tree...but none the was still on our house. Emma had to miss swimming for a few days because, as you can see, it fell on her pool. Our neighbors cut and pulled it off the house and deck and we spent a few hours on Father's day cutting and bundling branches to get it out of the back yard. Hard work - but the tree is gone and no real damage was done.

No Swimming this week I guess...

We're taking it easy this week and enjoying Zach being home at night. He has a 2 game homestand starting on Thursday - and then just a few events between now and the 10th. On the 10th startes a LONG July schedule with 19 games in like 25 days or we're getting all our daddy love we can before then!

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Vincent Family said...

Good idea with the Drive-In. I will have to look for one around here. It is funny the things they decide to stay awake for. I hope you enjoy your daddy time before it gets crazy busy.