Monday, June 15, 2009

More Visitors = More Fun!

About a week after Aunt Al left - Aunt Carrie arrived! Carrie came to help me out with my garage sale that weekend, but we made some time to have fun too! Carrie was a wonderful sister and babysat Emma so Zach and I could go out for our Anniversary. Zach took me to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse here in Louisville and we had a Great dinner and a wonderful night out with just the two of us! When we got home - Emma was alseep in her big girl bed and Aunt Carrie was even cleaning! Although - sounds like bath time got a little'll have to ask Carrie what happened the next time you see her!

Happy Anniversary Zach! I Love you!

Update on the big girl bed...after spending 2 weeks or so sleeping in our big girl bed - we've gone back to the crib. While Emma loves being in her bed, she was not sleeping soundly through the night and was having difficulty going back to sleep at night even when you would sit next to her bed. So after too many sleepless nights for mom - we've gone back to our crib. We tried to make the transition a little early to see if we could have it done by the time the baby was here -but right now it's just better for all of us for her to be back in the crib. We'll probaby try again in a few months. She still loves to be in her toddler bed so we've just left it in her room for her to play in. I think part of our problems sleeping were because of the chaos in our household while trying to make the transition. We've got Daddy working crazy hours - here one day and not the next, we're working on 3 more molars and boy that looks like it hurts, trips home to KC and Iowa and many visitors in the past few weeks. So that's a lot going on for a little one! We'll try again - but I'm happy with the fact that she likes her bed and I know it will be fine the next time we try!

Back to Carrie's trip - we also found time for a trip to the zoo. Aunt Carrie played in the splash park with Emma and even took her in the big kids area - which Emma Loved!

This kid has no fear of water and Loves the spalsh park!

The garage sale was a success - we aren't millionaires, but we did get rid of a lot of stuff that we didn't need anymore. And that to me is a big success! If I only could have 1 more this fall - but the thought of having a baby in August and garage sale in September is enough to make me sick! So I guess I'll have to be happy with only 1!

We also took in a ballgame at Slugger.

Thanks Aunt Carrie for babysitting and for helping with the garage sale! We couldn't have done it without you!
Emma tried to go with Aunt Carrie - but she didn't fit in the suitcase. Maybe next time!

This has nothing to do with Carrie's visit - but My Kid LOVES Corn on the Cob! Each time we eat it she amazes me more! She now eats all by herself - and she eats the ENTIRE thing! BY HER SELF! You'll see more corn pictures in the next post about our camping trip!

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