Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thunder Pictures! No - You're Not Imagining!

The camera has been found! It was in a stroller the whole time - tucked away where we couldn't see it! So now you get to see some Thunder pictures and tomorrow (or someday soon) Emma's 1st trip to the Louisville Zoo!
"Is is over yet?" - Oh wait - we haven't even left the house for the day yet! This is when you think as a parent - am I really taking my child out all day when she's already exhausted? Oh well - that's what strollers are for right!

So it's true - she does take after her dad, grandpa and mom - we can't pass up a beer at the ballgame! Go Bats!

Baby Collin wondering if they day is ever going to end!

We aren't shy of the camera!

Happy Boy! Gotta love hanging out at the ballpark all day!

The End...both kids alseep and Grandma, Grandpa and Mom are EXHAUSTED!!!

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Vincent Family said...

YEA!!! Glad the camera was found. The pictures are so cute! I love the one of Emma asleep on Grandpa before you even left and the BIG smile for the camera.