Monday, April 13, 2009

It's A......

It's A BOY!!!!
We had our ultrasound this morning and they little man was squirming around in there. Unfortunately, he was very happy laying with his face down and his arm over his face - just like Emma did almost every time we tried to see her - so we didn't get any good pictures of his face. Although - I'm okay with this because at this stage they really don't look like anyone yet anyway!
Everything is looking great - and my doctor and I are both THRILLED that I've only gained 3 lbs this pregnancy. Guess it goes to show you how much weight I still had hanging around after Emma for the little man to grow on! HeHe. We did find out today that I have bronchitis - so I've got some antibiotics for that. Hopefully it will help me get better - I can't wait since I've been sick for a month now. We also found out that we'll get to have another ultrasound at 28 weeks due to my low placenta - which I had with Emma as well so I'm not concerned about it at all.
So that's it - not much else new going on. Zach's super busy with baseball season up and going now so Emma and I are getting to spend some great quality time together. We've already been to our first game - we went on Sunday to have Easter lunch with Zach - didn't everyone have hot dogs for Easter lunch? We're planning on going out to the game tomorrow for "Dog night at the park" with Louisville Grandma Barb and her dog, Ginger. Hopefully it won't rain!
Check back soon and I'll post some new pictures of Emma and maybe even and ultrasound picture!

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Vincent Family said...

Congrat!! I am so happy for you both.