Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thunder Over Louisville!

Emma attended her 2nd Thunder Over Louisville celebration last weekend. The weather was Beautiful and luckily my mom and dad were able to come down and visit for the weekend. Not only did we take Emma (14 months), but we also took my girlfriend Renee's son, Collin (4 months). Zach, the best husband when it comes to Louisville events, got us a parking pass (2 actually in case one lot was full) and tickets to Slugger and of course free food and drinks! We ended up being Very lucky and headed downtown around 11 AM and pulled right up in front of Slugger field with 5 mintues before the gates opened and pulled right into the parking lot. While we were in the line - a Slugger employee called me a "player's wife" so I was feeling pretty good about myself! Ha! (Most likely because of the parking pass and not my looks unfortuately!) We took a walk down to the waterfront to eat great carnival food and of course have a lemonaid before heading back to Slugger for the ballgame. During the ballgame we watched the air show - the loud planes were NOT Emma's favorite. Collin didn't seem to mind them at all! After the game, we watched a Beatles band and Grandma Denise, Emma and Collin were all on the big screen dancing!

At 9:30 pm the fireworks began! If you haven't seen Thunder fireworks - you are missing out!!! It's amazing. And I think that the view from Slugger field is my favorite yet! It's a great way to watch the festivities - especially with kids. You have access to seats, real restrooms and it's not as crazy and crowded as it is on the waterfront! Colling slept through the entire show and never even flinched at the loud noises. Emma was awake when they began and liked the looks - but was scared of the loud ones. She ended up falling asleep during the show on Daddy and slept the rest of the night!

We had our 1st sleepover that night too! Collin spent the night with us and he and Emma had a ball playing the next morning! They were both exhausted from the long weekend but were soooo good!

The only casualty of Thunder was my Camera! And the worst part is that I had SO many Great pics of the kids from the day. We lost it sometime after fireworks between our seats and home! It's been driving me crazy! Oh well - it was a great day anyway - you'll just have to imagine how much fun the kids had!

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