Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kentucky Derby 2008

The Greatest 2 Minutes in Sports!

The Annual "Soprano's" Shot of the Guys

Yes - another Derby has come and gone. It's definately my favorite time of year. This year was a little different with Little Miss Emma in the picture. Derbyfestival means Zach is gone day and night - poor guy was working from 8 AM until 3 AM the next morning everyday for 2 weeks straight. Which meant Emma and I were on our own! Al and Andrew were down for a few days - which helped - but we were very lonely without daddy home! We made it though - and my present was Derby!!! Emma got to spend her 1st day without us. She spent the entire day (from 8 AM until after 8 PM) with Renee, Kyle and Lauren. She went with them to her own Derby party while Zach and I got all dressed up for Derby! We spent the day eating, drinking and having a good time with co-workers and friends at the Miller and Bud Tents on the 1st Turn of the track. If you Ever get the chance to experience Derby - Do it!!! It's something you'll never forget. Of course this year had a sad ending - with Eight Belles breaking both front legs at the end of the race.
All Dressed Up!

The Monday after Derby I started back to work and Emma started her Daycare. Emma is going to Almost Home Infant Daycare (only 0 to 1 year olds). And just like the name - it is almost like home. It's a small daycare and Emma's class is her and 3 other boys - yes - we're already boy crazy!!! She is the "Queen" Pooh's Corner so her teacher, Miss Patty says. When she talks - the boys all listen!

Emma is doing great there. She still takes long naps - so long that most of the time they have to wake her! She is eating well - I'm trying to keep up! And she is happy to see us each day when we pick her up. Normally, Zach takes her around 8 or so and I pick her up around 5:30. This is working out Great for all of us and it give her and Daddy a little quality time in the morning since he's still gone a lot at night with minor league baseball in full swing!

Mommy and Emma Playing

After one week - I've already seen changes in her. She now knows when we walk out of a room that we'll come back. She is sleeping through more noises and she seems more content to play in her crib or bouncy seat. Emma has started to grab at toys in front of her and still moves around at night and manages to get her legs out of her crib most nights! It is so cute to watch her interact with all the teachers at daycare - she loves to be talked to and will smile at Anyone! They all love her - and they all offer to help out and take Emma to thier room!

It's so nice to not have to worry about her at all during the day. I know that she is in great hands and is learning so much there - even though she's only 3 months - and Yes - we're 3 Months Old Tomorrow!!! How big we are getting!!!

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