Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Sand Park

The kids have a new favorite neighborhood park.  It's a sand park, so they play in the sand more than they actually play on the playground equipment.  It is beautiful up here!  It's up in the hills with open space behind it and there are benches for me to relax!   Today the kids were chefs.  They hid under the playground and Chase baked cakes while Emma whipped up Ravioli soup.  They have the best imaginations!  Although Chase informed me that my request for 14 cakes was "Way too many!"...but he could make me 2!  They make me smile when they play...

And now i thought I'd share another photo of my house... I must have a really good imagination too!  You can see this house from the is huge!  I'd hate to own the tiny house next to it (which is probably well over 3000sq ft itself). 

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