Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Pre-K and Kindergarten!

Both my babies (who are just not babies anymore) started school last week.  They were both so excited!!  We found a great Pre-K program for Chase and Emma is going to Kindergarten just down the street at a wonderful school.  We actually can walk to Emma's school through our neighborhood so we've really been enjoying our walks twice a day!  Both of them walked right in on their first day like it was no big deal at all - which made me so happy! 

Chase goes 3 full days a week and Emma goes every morning.  So the schedule is not the best for me, but we're making it work for right now.  They both miss all their friends and school back home, but it's been fun watching them meet new kids again.  It's sad to say - but we're all really glad summer is over!

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