Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My 3 Year Old Boy!!

This little boy had a birthday yesteryday and he is 3 years old!!!

We had a party for him at the park with a few friends!

These three are going to be best buds for ever...maybe the outside two will get married...
that would be nice!

He got lots of great presents (thanks everyone!)...

 But I think his favorite was his new bike!

These guys worked really hard holding
those balloons so they wouldn't blow away!


And then it was football time!  This guy got taken down a few times!  

 Do you like my Mustach?

He drives like a farmer...what is he looking at?

(He should be paying more attention to the road and learning how to use the brakes!)

This girl helped me make the cake - it's hard work licking all
the beaters by yourself you know!

Not my most creative cake - but it fit my little man perfectly this year! 

It was a great baseball birthday party! 
Thanks to everyone who made his birthday special!

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Vincent Family said...

Got to love those balloon holders, so funny!! Looks like a fun party.