Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dresser Makeover

So a friend of mine had this in her garage and I saw it a while back
(meaning: few years ago)...
And when I saw it I thought - "I can make that pretty - and look at All That Storage!
But BOY does it need some help!"
Like most of my projects I forget to take a "before picture" so you have to imagine all the drawers in this dresser! 

 So I had my game plan together in my head and finally I took action.  My husband was home one day and my friend's husband was off too, so they loaded it up and brought it to our garage.  (My husband confessed later that had he seen it before it had already been loaded into the truck to come our way he would have said that there was NO WAY it was coming to our house!)  No faith!!!

But it was now in our garage - so he decided to help me remove the hardware and all that molding.  I thought the molding was going to be the difficult task - but had I taken a good look at the dresser (years ago when this plan all started) I would have noticed that all this molding wasn't even wood!  Yep - that's right - it's plastic screwed onto the dresser!  Crazy right! 

So after removing everything I sanded the drawers and then started to fill the 70-some holes in the drawer fronts.  That was a task!  And then again sanded some more on the fronts of the drawers...

 After all the sanding - I put a couple coats of fresh white paint on it and then distressed the edges a little and this is how it turned out!  I am Extremely happy with how it looks and it is AMAZING storage for a multitude of kids toys/games/puzzles/movies/books and more.  (Initially I had thought of removing the top middle drawer and making a space for all the cable boxes and stuff but I couldn't decide exactly how I wanted to do it so this works for now.  I really don't mind the stuff up there so it will probably stay this way in case we don't use it for a TV stand in the future!)

This has been a year of changing furniture in my house and I love projects like this -
now if I just had the time to take more projects on! 

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Vincent Family said...

LOVE it!!!! Good job!!!