Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emma's 3!!!

February is Emma's Birthday Month! Her actual birthday is on Valentine's Day - so she had Valentine's parties on her birthday at school. Then a few days later she got to bring pink cupcakes (her request) to school for all her friends. This weekend we finally had a small birthday party at the house for her. There was chocolate cake with pink frosting and chocolate chips - Emma's very specific request for the last few weeks!!! Emma's big gift was a new Big Girl (Twin) Bed from Grandma and Papa Knute. They made a trip down for the party and to take care of my sick little ones!

Patrick loving his cupcake!

Emma's best friend Collin came to the party!

Okay - this one needs some explaining...this weekend Chase figured out how to take off his clothes - and apparently he prefers to be naked...just like his sister! I guess is runs in the family. During the party he tried to do a little streaking...we stopped him - but not until after getting a few photos!

Opening her presents!

So to go back a little, Emma was sick the weekend before her birthday with a cough and cold (so we thought). We finally got her feeling better and then last Wednesday I got a call that Chase was sick. Daycare said he was having a little trouble breathing so I called the doctor. Of coures - we had RSV and an ear infection. So home we went for breathing treatments and medicine. Luckily - Papa and Granmda were headed down for the weekend anyway so we had some free babysitters! So Thursday they all stayed home and things were fine. On Friday we had a little scare...I went to work and got a call from Papa around 11:3o that he thought I should come home and he told me that Chase wasn't breathing well. I had them rush Chase over to our doctor which is just blocks from the house and I met them there. He was not responding to mom and dad during his breathing treatment after his nap. By the time they were at the doctor - he was feeling much better. They did a big check-up and sent us home to watch him and keep doing the treatments and medicine. He finally started feeling better on Sunday. We're still not completely well - but on our way I hope!

Breathing treatments with Papa Knute

Emma and Grandma Nesie

Silly Girls!

The big 3 year old herself! Emma - you are growing up Way too fast!!!

And last - the 3 year old check-up stats: Emma is 25 lbs (15th percentile) and 3 feet tall (25th percentile) and developing perfectly! (And check out that we're finally above the 5th percentile line that we've just barely been straddling since she was born!) Like I said - she's Growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!

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