Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween - a little late...

Before Trick-or-treating - we're excited!!!

Okay - so it's mid-November and I'm just getting around to posting Halloween. There's been a lot going on lately!

She loved this singing skeleton

Daddy and Emma before Trick-or-treating

At the Zoo

Hope you enjoy our Halloween pics! We took Emma to the zoo to trick-or-treat a few weeks earlier and then on Halloween we took her to our local business trick-or-treating here in J-town at noon and then around the neighborhood (to only about 8-10 houses) that night. The rest of the night she helped dad hand out candy to all the other kids. She was too cute - Zach told her only to hand out 2 pieces...and she did! 2 pieces to each kid who came up - she was such a big girl. And then told everyone hi, bye-bye, happy halloween and all that stuff! She's growing up!

Emma at her school Halloween party

At the Zoo -we could hardly drag her away from those fish!

Chase the skeleton - he looked so cute!!!

That's it - time to go home! What a great Halloween!

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Newman's said...

How cute!!!!! I miss them already!!