Friday, November 20, 2009

Baptism and Fall Trip Home

Our Family after Chase's Baptism - too bad this is the only time he decided to cry!

Beautiful Boy! His outfit was so cute!

Crazy Girl Emma - she was such a good girl all day!

We just got back from a trip back home for Chase's baptism and to see our family and friends. It was a great trip and a great Baptism.

We started out by taking a detour to Des Moines to meet little Tyler who was a month early! We got to see him in the NICU - but can't wait to see him again at Christmas when we'll be able to hold him! Aunt Al and Uncle Drew even let us stay a night with them - which was the 1st time we had seen their new house and it's beautiful!
Emma playing at the NICU while visiting Baby Tyler

Chase and Great Grandma Pete

Then we headed back to Iowa to my parent's house for Baptism and some harvesting fun! We got to see all the fam and friends and had Chase's baptism on Sunday. It went GREAT! Chase slept through most of church and never cried. Emma made the rounds and I think sat with each and every person in both of our families (which means 3 different rows of people jumping for her!) She was very good and excited to spend a little time with everyone! After church we headed to Halland Village to have some lunch and play. Emma tried her best to wear everyone out playing out in the leaves. She had a ball!
Emma in the leaves

After that we spent some quality time with Grandma Denise at the house and made several trips to see Grandpa Knute in the combine. Great-Grandma Pete came over a few times to play with the kids and Grandma Denise even kept both kids while Aunt Carrie, Zach and I took in a round of golf. This was my 1st real golf outing and I have to say I didn't do too bad. Lost "just a little pride" (right Carrie) a few times when missing the ball - but not too shabby!
Carrie and Val golfing
Chase and Papa Knute out combining
Emma is a True Farmer! She's got Grandpa wrapped around her little finger!

Emma and Papa Knute - don't they look cute in their pink cowboy hats!

Then we headed to KC to spend some time with Zach's family and meet up with some KC friends. Grandma Debi babysat Emma so we could meet up with Brad, Paula and Bob one night. We went to see Grace at her dorm in Warrensburg and then out to eat at our favorite place - Heroes! Thanks for all the great company guys - we miss you all! And then a little more time with Grandma Debi before we headed back home. And the best part of the whole trip - on 8+ hour drive home we only had to stop once! The kids were great so we made great time on the way home!

Emma and Maddy falling off the chair at Heroes - oops!

No wonder these 2 like each other - they look just a like don't they?
Looking Oh So Cute!

Hope you enjoyed the pics of our trip as much as we enjoyed the week! We miss everyone already and we can't wait for Christmas! I'll post more pictures from our trip another day - we took a ton!

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