Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family Update

Emma in her new winter coat - I think she can move in there but I'm not sure!

Emma is officially 9 months old! No picture yet - but coming soon. She has grown so much in the last month. She is quick on the crawl - but prefers to walk holding on to anything. This means lots of bumps and bruises (as you've seen on the last post), but it's too cute!

We Love food!

Nothing much has been going on in the last week, we've just been enjoying some time home all together. About a month ago or so I started a Jazzercise class that meets at a church near my house on Monday and Wednesday nights. I've found that although it's a struggle to get home, feed Emma and get back out the door - and then rush home to feed her and get her to bed - I really needed this time away with other women. Plus the endorphins aren't so bad either! Zach has been slowing down at work and is finding out what the words "off Season" actually mean. Since we've met in 2000 - I don't think he's ever actually had an off season period of time with his job!

Emma has her 9 month check-up tomorrow so we'll update on how much we've grown then!
On another note, I'm starting to wonder how much longer I will be breastfeeding. I've had such a wonderful experience bonding with Emma so it's hard to imagine not sitting down with her in this way going forward. I've found that I'm constantly worried about something with nursing - whether it's being paranoid that I'm not making enough, worrying about when and how to nurse/pump, not being able to go to events without carting the pump (how fun is it to pump in the bathroom during a football game really). Now that we have teeth that is always a worry too - she's normally very nice - but boy when she's not! I've recently changed jobs - which meant my nice private office to pump in became a closet in my new department. And now my office has relocated again which means I'm pumping.....good question!?! I really do not know where I'm going to pump tomorrow when I get back to work. There's always the bathroom - but that's not appealing at all. I'm sure they'll find somewhere for me, but the privacy gets increasingly less, which for me means that I am able to pump less. I know that I've provided the best start for my daughter which gives me peace of mind, but I really had hoped to nurse a little longer. But there's that other part of me that's ready to not worry what I eat or drink, or where I am when she needs to eat, or who might walk in on me pumping at work! I'm really struggling with this part of life, so if anyone has any encouragement or thoughts - please let me know.
On another seperate note, several people have asked me lately so here you go -
Yes - we are still cloth diapering. We only use prefolds and are Very happy and will continue to do this as long as Emma is in diapers. Zach still isn't completely okay with the mess - but he doesn't complain so that's good! And we still make most of our own baby food. With us both working full time sometimes all the home tasks just don't get completed - but for the most part she gets good food!
That's it - not much else happening. Hope everyone is getting ready to eat turkey soon! We'll be installing our new kitchen floor next Saturday so we're excited for that too!

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