Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vacation to Grandparents!

So it's been a Very long time since my last post and we've been Busy!!! Since last time, we've started crawling, have 4 teeth, pull up on everything and are getting more bold each day!

We took a trip the 2nd week of October to see all the grandmas and grandpas and some friends. We stayed with Grandma Debi a few nights, had a play date with Mira and Griffin in KC and saw Grandpa Randy and Grandma Donna and Aunt Grace and Uncle Randy.
Grandma Debi reading to Emma

Griffin and Emma playing

Mira giving Kissed Goodbye!

Then we spend a few days at Grandma Denise and Granpa Knute's. Our 1st stop in Stanton was to ride in the combine - and Emma Loved it! Emma played with Aunt Al, Uncle Drew, Aunt Carroll and ? Jim...also known as Aunt Carrie and Josh! The Big Kids (or grown adults) even had a pumpkin carving contest which Grandpa Knute judged - Zach and I won. They said we cheated since our pumpkin said "Emma" in the smile!

1st Combine Ride with Grandpa Knute

The 2008 Pumpkin Contest - Winning Pumpkin in the Center by the Hensely's

Great Grandma Pete and Emma - she Loved her necklace!

Emma also had her 1st airplane rides - which went Very Well! We even looked like we knew what we were doing when breezing right through security - I was well prepared!

Emma got sick a day or two before we left so we had 1 VERY sleepless night at Grandma Denise's. She was up almost every 20 minutes so I slept (yeah right) with her downstairs. We were a little more cranky on the way home but the cold didn't last long so it wasn't too bad!

We're busy getting ready for Halloween here. Last night we had a Baby Shower for Renee and tonight Zach and I are headed to a Retirement party for one of our friends. Lauren is coming over to babysit Emma!

We also haven't been sleeping that well lately - waking 1 - 2 times a night. Last night we decided it was time - we had to Cry it out. She had gotten used to me being lazy and brining her into our bed at 4 AM to eat. So this morning we woke up at 5 AM and wanted to come to Mom and Dad's bed. She cried for a few minutes and then Zach went in - gave her a pacifier and laid her back down. A few minutes later I went in and did the same - that lasted for about 20 minutes before we fell asleep - what a hard thing for parents to do - but Necessary for ALL of us! Tonight I expect to be up at least once again like this - but I'm hoping by Sunday we'll be back to our usual - Sleeping from 8:30 Pm until at least 6 AM! I'll let you know how it goes!!!

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The Ward Family said...

WOW she is so big all these new things going on at one time :) I'm sure the sleeping will get better very soon - It's a hard job!!!! Miss you guys!!!