Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baby Room in Progress!

We designated this weekend - baby room weekend! (Except for Sunday - because who can forget about going to watch football on Sunday!)

The baby room is painted and has furniture - but it still needs many final touches. We were blessed to get our nursery furniture from my mom and dad - and I have to say it looks FABULOUS! We were also lucky to have Dan - Renee's man - who gave us our glider rocker! So now we're down to finishing up the walls with some hand-painted art (if Dan still loves us!) and some new daisey's that we found the other day while out shopping! I think it's looking pretty good so far! And for anyone who wants the vibrant colors we chose - (yes we know they're bright!) - they are "Pretty as a Princess Pink" and "Friendly Frog Green."


The baby is moving more and more each day! On Saturday night she was having a party in there right before we went to bed and Zach got to feel her biggest kick yet! I think he though it was pretty weird - but very cool!

Hope all is well - check in soon for another pic of my growing belly - there's definately a growing baby in there now!


xXgeeXx said...

oh my gosh!! i loves it!! i so wanted to help tho!! (haha)

loves ya!!


Debi said...

I think Grace should come every Summer and babysit. Really, you did a great job with the room. i can't wait for little Debbie to enjoy it!!!!!