Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Wedding!


This Very Special person in our life got married this summer!!!

And the three of us got to go!!!

And I got to spend time with my Bestie!  I miss her!!!

This girl makes me smile too!  I love that she wants to spend time with us when we're home!
I think Emma was most excited to spend time with this lovely lady...they had "girl time" all weekend!  So special...
Although this is her Boyfriend for LIFE!!!  We miss this little boy almost every day!
They are all our FAMILY for sure!
So Cute!  She did such a great job!
And she was ADORABLE from head to toe!
There was a lot of this to keep everyone happy in those pretty outfits!
This is one of my favorite pictures - it was a beautiful wedding!

At the reception Emma gave a performance and sang a little song while we were waiting for the bridal party to get there! 
And all performances MUST involve twirling your pretty dress of course!
Eat your heart out ladies!  He's Mine!!!  (And this little man loved his tux!  While the other boys took theirs off immediately after the wedding - he only took off his jacket and vest and rocked his pink tie the entire day!)

It was a great trip and a beautiful wedding!  We miss Everyone and can't wait to come home again!!!

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