Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Series - Our last Bats Game

For Mother's Day I took the kids to Slugger Field.  2 of my most favorite Mother's Days have now been at the ballpark!  It just might have to become a tradition.

Emma chillin before the gates open

On the slides - best friends!

Yeah - I play a little ball...
 The Real reason we went to the ballpark is that IRON MAN was making a special appearance!  The kids were SO excited to see him!!!

 Oh how we Love our Buddy Bat!  Emma was especially excited that both Iron Man and Buddy Bat gave her little smooches!  But her boyfriend Collin was not so happy - he told his police officer father that he was going to need to arrest Buddy for kissin his woman!

A little cotton candy...or a lot!!!

Great day at the Bats stadium and a pretty good Mother's Day!

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