Friday, March 29, 2013

The First Series

Over the next few months - there will be a lot of Firsts and many why not share them with our blog family!  Here is the first "First" in The First Series...

Zach's First Going Away Gift

This is the first goign away gift that Zach received.  This is a group of guys that Zach has worked with since he moved to Louisville.  Have you seen any of them before?  Maybe at a UofL Football game - or at a Bats game?  Think hard...did you buy a beer or peanuts in the stands from a vendor?  Chances are you've met one of them before!

This group of guys has welcomed our family into the city, bought us baby gifts for our kids, given me many a needed beer when carting kids around the ballpark while dad is working :) and now, gave Zach the Perfect going away present - a picture of them!  They are truely a great group of guys - and we will miss them! 

Next time you're at the ballpark - grab a beer and some peanuts from a vendor, tell them thanks and give them a big tip!!

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