Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last but not least...

Finally - Christmas #3! Grandma Debi came to visit the week of Christmas. The kids had a great time with some craft projects, a basketball game and just hanging out.

Here's some pictures!

Making ornaments out of rice krispies!

Another trip to Daddy's "Big, Big Building" (as Chase calls it)to see the Cards play.

Christmas Eve we opened our special bags from Grandma Debi after church and then headed up to bed so Santa could come!

This is sad...I know - but my mom always makes coffee ring for breakfast when we're all together on vacations, holidays, etc. So since we weren't going to be able to be "home" for Christmas again this year - I decided to try to make us one. Let's just say that this is the better of the two we made. It's at least round (obviously the other was not!).

Not my best baking - but it tasted good!

The kids had a great Christmas with all thier grandparents! And now that Christmas is over - Emma has started asking/talking about her birthday everyday. (I'm re-thinking the fact that I told her a few months ago that her b-day was just after Christmas.) It's going to be the topic of discussion for the next few weeks I'm sure!

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