Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas #1

Some say there are the 12 days of Christmas - but we have 3 weeks! But this Christmas was very special because for the first time we stayed in Louisville rather than heading back to KC and Iowa. we missed our family traditions - but it has been fun making some new traditions in our home as well.

We started the Holiday Season with a visit from Grandma Debi the weekend before Christmas. Rudolf dropped off some early stocking gifts and Grandma Debi spoiled the kids as usual!

Chase did a great job opening gifts! And no - the remote was not for him - but we are SO excited because some little people seemed to misplace ours 2 weeks earlier!

"Seriously mom - another picture!"

I said spoiled didn't I!

The kids even got Grandma Debi to play "Ready, Set, Go!" which means you sit on the floor and they both run at you full speed and expect you to catch them without killing yourself!

That was one - there's 2 more to go! Stay Tuned!

Thanks for everything Grandma Debi - we had a great time!

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