Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Look Back at Thunder!

Okay - so I was remembering all the years of Thunder earlier today and decided to to a blog post on a look back at Thunder Over Louisville since Emma was born. This is her 3rd Thunder this year and it's amazing how it seems like just yesterday was her 1st!

So if you don't know - Thunder Over Louisville is an all day event followed by a 2 week long event called Derbyfestival which ends in the Kentucky Derby! It's huge here - and a TON of fun. Thunder takes place down on the river at the Waterfront and Hundreds of Thousands of poeple show up and spend the day watching an air show and eating and drinking all day. That night there is a fireworks show - which is the nations largest fireworks display. It is pretty amazing to tell the truth.

Emma was not even 2 months old when she beared the cold of her first Thunder. she was bundled in a snow suit (which was huge on her!) and 2 sleepers and a hat under her hood. On top of that she was placed in her stroller with blankets on her and completely enclosed in her stroller so no wind could get to her. It was COLD!!! We only decided to go down because Zach's hotel room faced the waterfront and the fireworks. So we went in and out all day to keep warm. It was a lot of fun.
Me, Zach and Emma braving the cold - you can barely see that little thing in there all bundled up! I had soo many stares saying "Really - you brought a newborn out in the cold weather???" I won the "Bad Parent of the Year" award from many passer-byers!
Here she is sleeping - we had to open her up when we got inside because she was sweating!!!
All Smiles with Grandma and Grandpa - all warm and ready for fireworks - we had a GREAT view in the hotel!

Emma's second Thunder was last year and we took her buddy Collin with us as well. (When I say we - I mean my mom and dad and I - Zach has worked every Thunder since 2005.) Collin was around 5 months old and Emma was a little over a year. They had a great time and we had GREAT weather. We watched the baseball game - which Em loved, but the air show - not so much! And she cried through most of the fireworks unless inside where the noise wasn't so loud!

You'd think this was after - but no - it was actually right Before we left to head downtown for Thunder!!! Notice she's got her shoes in her hands all ready to go!

What a big girl! She's such a cutie!

And Big Boy Collin!!! He did great all day that day!

So this year - Mom and Dad are headed back down for the third year. I'm so excited, but a little nervous about how cold it is going to be (it's goign to be in the 50's and 60's). Hopefully we'll have a great time and have more pictures of another wonderful Thunder. Check back next week!

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I love looking back at these pictures! So fun!