Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Cookie Time!

So the other day Zach and I decided that it was time to make our Christmas sugar cookies!!! We baked them while Emma was napping and then got ready to have her help decorate with us when she woke up. Well - she never did nap, but after playing in her room for way too long - we were ready to go. She was so excited. And suprisingly - she did a great job. Zach gave her the 1st cookie frosted and then some things to decorate with. She even got the cookie decorated pretty well before she just started eating. I think she decorate/ate 5 cookies! Sugar overload!!! She helped sprinkle the ones we made while making her own creations. We had a great time and our cookies turned out great. In fact, I think they're some of the best we've ever made. We're having no trouble eating them! Enjoy the pics!

Before figuring out how good they taste!

Happy with our decorating this year!

Just a few of our creations - yummy!

Big sis and her little bro
Dad and Chase hanging out

Chase watching TV
And the last thought for today - We just wanted to tell our Rhodes "family" how sad we are for thier loss. Today Zach is in Warrensburg, MO for the Celebration of Life ceremony for Dusty Rhodes. Dusty passed away last Friday and he will be Greatly missed. We just want to say to Josh, Jason, Barb, Jess and the rest of the Rhodes family that we miss you and love you. You're in our thoughts and prayers each day.

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Vincent Family said...

Your cookies look super yummy!