Monday, October 19, 2009

1 Month Old and more!

Okay - so Chase is more than a month old - but this is the 1st chance that I've had to put up his one month photo - so here it is! He's getting so big.

6 weeks old

Big Sister! (Chase looks a little scared!)

We're all doing so much better since our stay in the hospital. A few days of fever on and off and now we're back to being a perfect baby! Except for gas in the evenings that has returned that is. I've gone off all dairy again to see if it might be a dairy allergy - which is providing to be a great diet plan since EVERYTHING has diary in it! I know Zach and Renee are sick of hearing about this - but it's tough!

Since we were unable to go back to Iowa and KC for Chase's baptism - we decided to take a small trip to Indianapolis last week. We took the kids to the Children's Museum there and then spent the night at a hotel again (we're not sure why we keep doing this with these 2 small children!) and did some swimming. We LOVED the museum - Emma had so much fun. I took Chase in a front carrier so we didn't have to use a stroller. Emma was such a big girl and walked/ran the entire day! She had a ball.
Snap Snap!
Emma loves Crocs!
Train Ride with Emma anyone? She's a good driver!

Zach has been home all week and we've carved pumpkins (to be posted later!) and shopped and gotten lots of projects done around the house. It's been nice to have him home with us for a while but I think he's ready to go back to work!

This is how I found Chase in his swing the other day - oops!

Emma in her TENT!
My mom made this cover for our card table when we were little and it's the BEST tent for kids. Emma Loves it. Although - she's figured out that when she gets something she's not suposed to have she can run and hide in her tent and no one knows!

We're planning another trip home and another baptism date for November so hopefully this time no one will be sick or in the hospital!!!


Little Smiths said...

Oh my he is ALL BOY!! SO SO Sweet.

Vincent Family said...

Sorry you guys missed your KC trip but it looks like you had fun at the museum. And I LOVE the new pictures of the kiddos!