Friday, March 13, 2009


Sorry for not posting very often. We just bought a new computer and it isn't here yet, so until it arrives I will not be posting anything new and exciting. (Our old computer is we're going to let it rest in peace.)

Nothing much new going on here. Emma has finally adjusted to her new school and hasn't been sick for a week! This is a major thing these days!!! I think it took her a few weeks to get used to the new kids and thier new germs. But she seems to be fitting in well and loving the new freedom that comes with being 1. They have been outside at the big playground many days in the last few weeks since we've had some warm weather.

We went to the doctor again today and got to hear the little heartbeat. It sounds very strong - I'm claiming it is a boy...we'll see though! We will have "the Ultrasound" next month so we have to decide if we're going to find out the sex or not. Tough decision!

That's it for now. I've got new pictures to post but we'll have to wait for the new computer to come before that happens! Hope everyone is well!

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