Sunday, February 8, 2009

1 Year Old - ALMOST...

We've taken 2 sudden trips in the last few weeks - one to Iowa to be with my family after the sudden death of my Aunt Candy. We flew out on a Saturday and unfortunatley had to fly back home on Tuesday. Our trip was a sad one - but it was great to be with all our family and in ways it just might have made us closer together. We've been thinking a lot about our 2nd cousin, Lauren, because her 1st birthday is coming up right after Emma's and we know that she'll be missing her grandma that day especailly. Our trip was going fine until Tuesday at about 5 PM on the flight back to Louisville. We were headed to our stop in Minneapolis when about mid-flight Emma got sick ALL OVER me, her, the seat, the floor...EVERYWHERE. Sorry for those of you with weak stomaches - but it gets worse - skip down if this was enough for you! Of course we have NOTHING to clean up and Northwest Airlines was NOT helpful. The flight attendant acted bothered and only handed Zach like 2 paper napkins and never even came back to check on us once! So we cleaned her up with a blanket from our bag and got her naked in the seat and put a t-shirt on her. It was awful - she was crying - then we finally laneded. I went right to the bathroom with her and gave her a semi-bath in the sink and then put her spare outfit on her. When I went to meet Zach we headed to see our next gate - only to find out our flight had been CANCELED due to the Ice storm that was hitting Louisville. So we got a hotel - but NO luggage. After checking in - we went out to eat. By the time we got back to the hotel Emma had successfully pooped on her spare outfit! So I luckily had one more tshirt in her diaper bag. She wore that throughout the Sleepless night and when we finally got an hour of sleep - we woke up and I wondered why she and I were both wet - Yep - You guessed it - she had wet through everything! AHHHHH! Luckily Zach and I had successfully washed the other 2 outfits in the tub the night before and they were dry enough to wear. We ended up getting on a plane and did make it home...only to find a ton of Ice and Snow. We were so thankful to have power when we got home so it all ended well.

The next weekend Grandma Debi came for a visit for Emma's birthday. We had a good time but we were all a little sick with colds so we were all crabby. We had to cancel our birthday party on Saturday - but had our cake at our Superbowl party that Sunday!

Then on Monday - Emma and I drove back to St Louis to attend the funeral for my Uncle Jay. He had been sick for several years and we had gotten an email from Aunt Ruth saying that he had been steadily going down hill that week. We got to see Ruth and Jamie and Julie - wh0 Emma had never met before. She had a lot of fun running around with Erin and Nichole and Aunt Carrie and Aunt Al - and she even got to swim at the hotel in the Freezing cold pool with Aunt Carrie. It was a long trip home (5 hr drive) with Emma crying for part of it - but we made it and when we got there she was all smiles to see Daddy.

We decided no more traveling for a few weeks so Grandma Denise and Grandpa Knute are coming here this weekend for Emma's 1st Birthday! We can't wait!!!
Here's some more photos of Grandma Debi's trip down here - we had our 1st birthday cake and Loved it! Enjoy!!!

Our Birthday hat before Cake!

Daddy's so silly!

I love my new chair!

What is this?

Oh - it's mushy - but I still like to use my fork...

Yummy Cake!

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Patty said...

I loved the one where she was eating the cake with her hand, and her fork. I liked the one of Zach in the pink hat, too. Hope you all are better now. Patty